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JDK type series mineralized machine
JDK type series mineralized machine
Equipment Complex
Domestic / Industrial Sewage Treatment
Waterscape Fountain Facilities
EDI Equipment
Community Pipe Multiway Water Supply
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Water Making Equipment of Cosmetics Industry
Water Equipment of Pharmaceutical
Chip Manufacturing Technology Water of Electronic Industry
Small-size Pure Water House Unitization
RO (Reverse Osmosis) Series
Auxiliary Equipments
SEKO Electronic Diaphragm Metering Pump
Water Storage Tank
Film Element Outer Shell
Various Filters
UV Sterilization Equipment
Fittings Consumable Material Series
SEKO Electronic Diaphragm Metering Pump
10m3/h two-level RO Equipment

Water Equipment of Pharmaceutical

Equipment Capability: 10.0m3/h
Recovery Rate:75%
Outlet Index: according with the GMP standard /17.5Mcm
Equipment Characteristic: full automatic control, full stainless steel(medical level) structure


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